[World of Darkness: Oracles] Werewolves

Here’s the next World of Darkness Oracle, this time for Werewolves.  A couple example entries for you:

Q of Clubs: The werewolf, searching for his parents’ killer, is granted a vision from the Moon-spirit, revealing the murderer’s identity

4 of Spades: The young girl, her mind being consumed and replaced by the spider-spirit, and her concerned parents, who take her to the hospital to run a series of tests

World of Darkness: Oracles – Mortals
World of Darkness: Oracles – Vampires

[World of Darkness: Oracles] Vampires

A while back I mentioned I was working on a series of Oracles (as found in Vincent Baker’s In A Wicked Age) based on the World of Darkness pre-chapter fiction. I posted the first, for Mortals-based games, back in 2011. At the time I was starting a play-by-e-mail World of Darkness game, but it dissolved (as most play-by-e-mail games seem to do for me, unfortunately), and I forgot to post the rest of the oracles I’d made. Since my Apocalypse World game didn’t meet this week, here’s the Vampire oracle to tide you over. More to come.