[Hephaestus Collective] Rough Draft

So, here’s the very rough draft version of the Hephaestus Collective, as I had it when it was canceled.  Will it be updated ever?  Maybe if it gets resurrected and I actually get to run it sometime.  You have nearly everything you need in this file; but there are a few tweaks and things I would add if I were going to run it:

  • There are a lot of formatting issues; some of the cards overlap slightly, etc.  The layout is pretty poor.
  • I wanted to have a way for the test subjects to beat the system and escape the island.  This would require cooperation and information sharing between at least a couple of the PCs.
  • I wanted to plot out where the NPCs would be at each given time, and how the test would run if the players did nothing to change it.
  • I’d planned on mapping out the various building locations and so forth.

If I were to finish the draft, I’d add quite a bit of info on how to run the module as well.

[Hephaestus Collective] Timeline

(Fig 1:  Jack Presto)

  • 2021 Common Era (C.E. ) – In a pub in rural New Hampshire, the Hephaestus Collective is created by Jack Presto and several friends in response to the world’s inequalities, injustice, and instability. For the next 30+ years, the Collective is a small not-for-profit organization specializing in writing philosophical volumes published by vanity presses, distancing itself from conspiracy-theorist would-be allies, and failing to make an impression in the general public’s mindspace.
  • 2059C.E. – Governmental and monetary systems experience a total global collapse in the worst economic disaster in human history, known as The Final Depression.
  • 2063C.E. – Before a global audience, Presto presents his proposal for a new kind of society, the “Value Based Culture. ” The proposal is embraced by citizens of all nations and the Hephaestus Collective Contextual Information: Timeline
  • is placed in charge of the tranformation of all civilization.
  • 1 Renovation Era (R.E. ) – The Hephaestus Collective begins global transition to the new scientifically organized society, utilizing the the principles of technologal development, automation, science, universal ownership and post-humanism.
  • 7R.E. – The centralized artificial intelligence, RAISIN (the Resource Allocation Intelligent Systems Integrated Network) is brought online. Programmed to work relentlessly for the betterment of humanity, RAISIN manages the dispensation of Earth’s resources with utter logic, free from the human inconsistencies of ambition, emotion, or error. Resources are distributed in exact proportion to an individual’s usefulness to humanity as defined by RAISIN’s scientifically-based evaluations.
  • 15R.E. – Antiprogressive terrorists, known as “Laggers”, steal a cache of high-level utility explosives. They attempt to detonate these at a network relay station, hoping to cripple several lesser AI systems and reduce RAISIN’s processing capacity by nearly a tenth of a percent. They are discovered, however, and several MDR-34a “Mediation Drones” are deployed immediately. The laggers are quickly contained, processed, and redistributed.
  • 50R.E. – Phase Two begins. The Great Peers declare all family units dissolved. All marriages are annulled. Children are raised in Caregiver Units consisting of up to 1 5 adult Caregiver guardians and 2-4 children per adult. World-wide social unrest results. Lagger attacks skyrocket.
  • 51 R.E. – Authorised by RAISIN, the Collective responds with an arsenal of MDR-56b Mediation Drones and UDM-63 Unrest-Diffusion Motherships, quickly restoring order to over 79% of the globe. Networked PK-4 Peacekeeper Drones patrol cities, keeping watch over the Collective populace.
  • 64R.E. – In order to better anticipate human reactions and prevent further social unrest, RAISIN announces the ongoing Human Physio-Psycho Behavioral Anxiety-Stimulus Experiments. To study human psychology and behavior under stress, groups of individuals chosen as test subjects are required to participate in competitive struggles in a controlled environment, ending in the termination of all but one test subject. The experiments are also streamed live to mandatory viewing locations, often in the subjects’ region of origin. Data is collected from both participants and observers.
  • 83R.E – Critics note that test subjects for the Experiments seem to be drawn mostly from areas with histories of civil unrest. RAISIN retorts that these allegations are in error; the participant groups are chosen at random and not as a form of punishment. Further, vengeance and vindictiveness are human urges that RAISIN does not share. On the other hand, the Great Peers point out that culling subjects from areas of past lagger activity is only natural, as data on the cause of such activity is the entire point of the Experiments. The Critics can find no logical contradiction in these two explanations, as they have been located by Mediation Drones and contained, processed, and redistributed.
  • 161 R.E. – The current year; the 67th year of the Experiments.

[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Final Session Report

[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Final Session Report


Because Cassa and Pallor are too wounded to drive the motorcycles, Shigusa takes Pallor on one, and Prim takes Cassa on the other.  Visage will walk back to the hospital.  They reach it without incident; Prim takes Cassa to the front door, while Shigusa takes Pallor to the back, to his own lab.  Zuto carries Cassa into the hospital, and Doc is awakened by Mox.  Doc patches Cassa up and gives her some Narco stabs, despite her struggling in her delirium.  She should be all right, but sie’ll need to keep an eye on her for the next few days to make sure she’s all right.

On the other side of the hospital, Shigusa straps Pallor onto a slab.  She’s barely conscious but awake enough to suspect that maybe healing her isn’t his full intent — since he’s touching her, she implants a command in his brain, to simply heal her and nothing more.  It works — he starts tending her wounds.

Wolfie shows up at the hospital now, and is understandably worried about Cassa’s state (unconscious and bandaged up).  Prim explains what happened to her.  Wolfie asks where Pallor is, and they realize that Shigusa must have her still.  Doc gets worried, and takes Zuto and Wolfie with hir to check Shigusa’s lab.

Ruby, Duke, and Chack sneak toward the hospital, reaching it without being seen by the militia.  The northern sky is glowing and shimmering now, and they worry it might have something to do with the aliens.  As they enter Doc’s lab, there’s only Cassa (still unconscious), Prim and Mox there.  Duke tells them about the sky.  Mox heads for the other part of the hospital to fetch Doc.  As he leaves, the trilobite-alien that Doc had been dissecting earlier awakens. It starts shimmering as well.  Duke walks over and blows it away with her BFG.

Doc and the others burst into Shigusa’s lab.  Shigusa still has Pallor strapped to the table, and is injecting her with something (a narcostab).  Doc gets him to back away.  Zuto picks her up to carry her back to Doc’s lab.  As they turn to leave, they hear a shot from the other lab.  Hurrying back, they find Mox in a hall between the labs, ducking and covering.  He was on his way to find them when he heard the shot.  He tells them about the state of the sky; Zuto gives Pallor to Mox and they all race back to the lab to find the trilobite blown to pieces and Ruby and Duke.  Rutherford starts eating the seedpods from Cassa’s pockets.  Zuto finds the trilobite’s eyes (his mask-tentacles have an incandescent sheen afterwards).  Pallor awakens, and is greeted by everyone.  Like Cassa, she is mobile but still in pretty bad shape, and Doc wants her to stick around for a couple days to make sure she’s okay (and that Shigusa hasn’t tried anything untoward).  Noting Chack, Pallor has him tied up, and Duke and Zuto comply.  Cassa awakens.  The group deliberates as to what they should do.  Pallor opens her mind to the Psychic Maelstrom.  She sees Clarion and Parcher gathering troops.  Parcher is in the alien-space bubble, which is rapidly expanding.  He’s drawing the creatures of the alien-space to him.  Pallor reveals this information to the others, and explains to them how to open their brains to the maelstrom.  Zuto goes next: sie sees that many people are in the alien-space with Parcher, drawing power from the Maelstrom.  Duke opens her brain, and is able to discern their plan: they’re using the power they draw from the Maelstrom to replace Chicago with a section of the alien dimension.  Doc opens hir brain next, but the Maelstrom strikes back at hir, stunning her and cutting hir off from it temporarily.  Wolfie goes next.  She sees that the people with Parcher (Parcher’s alien-worshipping cult, one assumes) are drawing and focusing their power through a cube-shaped object.  Perhaps like the one she lost in the Maelstrom?  Cassa checks on Clarion, sees that he’s approaching in force from the East.  Finally, Ruby tries to investigate the alien’s greater purpose in colonizing earth, but is repelled; their intentions are antithetical to human comprehension.

In the debate and discussion that follows, Wolfie decides to take Rutherford and find the cube she lost.  The others decide to sacrifice Chack and disguise him as Zuto in order to make peace with Clarion.  Chack is not a fan of this plan, but Zuto takes him into another room and kills him with Cassa’s machete and beheads him.  The others get Doc to sew Zuto’s old mask on Chack’s face, though sie has misgivings.  Pallor takes the head and she and Cassa take the motorcycles to go meet Clarion. Visage finally returns, and reports that the militia is nearing the hospital.

Ruby goes to the roof, and looks around.  From the top of the hospital she can see for quite some distance in all direction; to the north, in the depression where there was once a highway, she sees a large force of militia troops, including a tank.  To the east, (the direction Cassa and Pallor took) there’s another, smaller force.  As the tank gets in range, Ruby takes aim and shoots its gas tank.  It explodes, taking several nearby soldiers with it.  The other soldiers take cover on the side of the highway’s incline.

Wolfie tries to communicates to Rutherford what they’re looking for.  He returns to his large toucan-headed form, and indicates that she should climb on.  She does, and they rotate into the maelstrom.

Pallor and Cassa meet Clarion’s force coming from the East.  Clarion sends one of his soldiers to retrieve the head.  The soldier brings it back to him, and Clarion inspects it.  He puts it back in the back.  “So we’re even, then,” he tells Pallor.  Cassa steps forward, draws his attention to the color of the sky, and tells him that Pallor’s brother is trying to send everyone in Chicago to the alien dimension.  Clarion agrees to help.

At the hospital, the troops from the north are starting to open fire.  Unexpectedly, they suddenly stop, and Duke and Ruby see that Cassa and Pallor have made peace with Clarion to the east.  He’s radioed the northern troops, and they’re standing down.

Rutherford, misunderstanding what Wolfie wanted, takes her directly to the cult in the alien-space bubble.  The cult, who worship aliens, is awed by his sudden appearance.  Wolfie tries to hide behind Rutherford’s head, but Parcher sees her and tells he to come down.  She tries to get Rutherford to get the cube, but he can’t understand her and becomes agitated, which the cult interprets as threatening. Some of them back away, while others offer themselves as sacrifices.  Rutherford grabs Parcher in his beak.  Parcher is shouting at the cult to attack Wolfie.   Wolfie again tries to get Rutherford to go back to the hospital, but instead he snaps Parcher in half.  The cult is shocked.  Wolfie explains to them that she is the chosen voice of the aliens, and that they must obey her.  They want proof, so she has Rutherford grow — he does, becoming an enormous golden dome that covers everyone.  The cultists believe her and deliver the cube to her.  She tells Rutherford to take everyone back to the hospital– instead, he kills all of the cultists, wiping them out completely. Then he shrinks back down, and takes Wolfie through the Maelstrom.

Arriving back at the hospital Wolfie gives the cube to Doc, and the two of them and Pallor study it, and discover how it works.  Doc finds the solution, and reverses the expansion of the alien-space bubble, saving the city.  The glow in the northern sky disappears, and the remaining pieces of the trilobite fade and turn to dust.  As do Zuto’s mask tentacles.


  • Ruby goes on a journey to find and kill the assassin who killed her father.
  • Wolfie becomes a bigger part of the community, helping people find things, etc.
  • Cassa keeps spreading her vision, doing what she’s done before, only with the friendship of all the Hardhold now
  • Pallor goes back to business, getting closer to Clarion and, by extension, nearer to Shazza
  • Doc holds onto the cube, though it too has stopped functioning.  Sie works to resupply the lab, and for the first time in years, sie leaves the hospital.
  • Duke works for Pallor as a bodyguard, and helps Doc as well.
  • Zuto offers his services to Doc, who agrees ( if only to keep hir out of trouble).  Eventually, sie goes into the woods to “finish some business.”  Eventually, sie’ll try to go after Shazza.

Hx awarded this session:

  • Zuto to Doc: +1 (Reset; Doc knows Zuto at Hx+1)
  • Duke to Ruby: +1 (Reset; Ruby knows Duke at Hx+1)
  • Doc to Pallor: +1 (Pallor knows Doc at Hx+2)
  • Pallor to Wolfie: +1 (Wolfie knows Pallor at Hx=0)
  • Cassa to Doc +2 (Extra because Doc healed Cassa.  Reset; Doc knows Cassa at Hx+1)
  • Wolfie to Pallor: +1 (Reset; Pallor knows Wolfie at Hx+1)
  • Ruby to Zuto: +1 (Zuto knows Ruby at Hx+3)

Secrets learned this session:

  • Duke has a major beef with Clarion, and her face is scarred because of him
  • Biologically, Zuto is both male and female; sie also hates Shazza because sie raped hir sister
  • Before Shazza came to power, Cassa and hir worked together killing people
  • There is a reason that Wolfie can communicate with Rutherford.  Her grandmother was an oracle in a village long ago, and it’s said that she glowed

Experience marked this session:

  • Duke: +1 (Read a Sitch. Total: 2)
  •  Wolfie: +5 (Opening brain, Entering Maelstrom, Communicating with Rutherford. Reset; Total: 0)
  • Ruby: +3 (Read a Sitch, Act Under Fire, Reset Hx with Duke. Total: 3)
  • Doc: +2 (Reset Hx with Zuto and Cassa. Total: 4)
  • Pallor: +1 (Reset Hx with Wolfie. Total: 1)

Improvements Taken this Session:

  • Wolfie took +1Weird (Total +2)
  • Cassa took +1Cool (Total +2)


[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Fifth Session Report

Zuto's New Mask
(Zuto's New Mask)


Pallor, Shigusa, Prim, Visage, and Cassa scramble down a rusted and rotting stairway to get off of the elevated train platform.  Fleeing westward, they hear the sound of motorcycles in pursuit of them.  They dodge turn down a cross-street to take cover, but Prim stumbles in the middle of the road with the cycles bearing down on her.  Cassa and Pallor go back for her, as Shigusa and Visage take shelter.  Pallor tries to order the cyclists authoritatively to leave them alone, but is answered only by gunfire.  Cassa snipes one off a bike, which rolls into a nearby building and explodes.  The leading biker shoots Pallor in the torso.  Pallor throws a knife and sinks it into his shoulder.  Cassa shoots and misses; the biker runs her down, ramming her with the cycle.  Pallor throws another knife, hitting him in the throat this time — the other biker misses her.  She tries to attack the remaining militia biker psychically, as he tries ramming her — something snaps in his brain, and the bike veers past her, though he manages to shoot as he passes, .  Cassa, badly wounded and tangled in bike and dead rider, just manages to reach her rifle and hits the final rider through the back of the head.

Meantime, Ruby Honeytree and Chack, the kid, have spent most of the day lost in the Blight Forest.  They found the sobertree early on, but the Mist rolled in from the lake and they only now find their way back to the hardhold.  She’s headed for the library, not realizing that it has been taken over by the militia.

At the same time, Duke, a gunlugger, is returning to the South Loop hardhold after several months away.  She’s worked with Pallor in the past, and has heard rumors that Zuto and Pallor have had a falling out.  So she’s hoping that leaves an opening for a bodyguard.  The library brothel is dark as she approaches, but she enters anyway; only to find a dozen militia soldiers pointing their guns at her.  She and Clarion strike a deal; he’ll give her several months’ food and board, and clean her gun and sharpen her knives, if she’ll help them bring in Pallor, Ruby, Zuto, Cassa, and Pallor’s other girls.  She exits, only to see Ruby approaching.  She signals a warning to her, but it’s seen by one of the militia soldiers, who exit to see what’s going on.  Duke tries to sell them some story, but the guard calls bullshit and heads back inside to get Clarion.  Duke takes the opportunity to flee to where Ruby is, leaving her knives behind in the hands of the militia.  She fills Ruby in on what she’s seen in the library, and they decide to look for Cassa’s people, particularly Matilda, who they hope can tell them Pallor and Cassa’s current whereabouts.

Wolfie had intended to take Cassa, Pallor, and Zuto to the Sears Tower ruins earlier, but had a bad feeling that something was amiss with her hoard.  So she let them go by themselves and spent the day making sure everything was in place.  Emerging in the evening, she heads back toward Doc’s hospital.  On the way she sees Corderoy, one of Cassa’s followers, who warns her that he has heard gunfire from the west side of the hardhold.  She continues on, cautiously.

Zuto and Doc recovered from their respective surgical procedures.

To Be Continued…

Hx given this session:
Pallor to Cassa +1 (Cassa knows Pallor Hx+2)
Cassa to Pallor +1 (Pallor knows Cassa Hx+2)

Ruby knows Duke at Hx+3; Duke knows Ruby at Hx+2 (Note: Duke and Ruby gave each other +1Hx at session’s end)
Zuto knows Duke at Hx-2; Duke knows Zuto at Hx+1
Wolfie knows Duke at Hx=0; Duke knows Wolfie at Hx=0
Cassa knows Duke at Hx=0; Dukes knows Cassa at Hx+1
Pallor knows Duke at Hx+2; Duke knows Pallor at Hx-1
Doc knows Duke at HX=0 ; Duke knows Doc at +1

Experience Marked this session:
Duke: +1 (Read a person; Total: 1)
Cassa: +3 (Acting under fire; Seize by Force; Go Aggro.  Reset; Total: 1)


[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Fourth Session Report

Xenoformed Chicago - Cassa


Doc’s fungal growth has not yet advanced, but is not improving.*  Sie decides to have Mox and Shigusa remove it surgically before it has a chance to take deeper root.

Having gotten a map to the Sears Tower ruins  from Wolfie, Pallor takes Cassa and Zuto and heads back into the loop to look for a replacement gas mask.  Unfortunately, without Wolfie along they don’t find what they’re looking for.  Hoping to figure out some direction, Pallor opens her brain to the Psychic Maelstrom, and sees a glimpse of the churning storm of thought that Wolfie earlier experienced first hand.  Focusing on the idea a gas mask, she finds that she can follow the thoughts of people who are thinking about them — Zuto, of course, and Clarion…but also, in the ruins of Millennium Park, she finds Bruce (the man who tried to snipe Cassa earlier) and two people she doesn’t recognize, preparing an expedition into the Blight Forest.  They have gas masks to protect them from the mists that sometimes comes in off the lake.

Meanwhile, Shigusa and Mox are helping Doc remove the fungal growth from his arm.  Shigusa fills a syringe with the fungus, and Doc realizes that he’s about to stab it into Mox, infecting him with it.  Doc is pretty drugged up for the procedure, but he manages to talk Shigusa into delaying by promising him a lab of his own in another section of the hospital.

Pallor and the others approach Bruce’s group, who are making final preparations near the mangled remains of the Bean.  Zuto and Cassa stay out of sight while Pallor crosses the street to speak with the group.  Cassa covers her with the sniper rifle she took from Bruce earlier.  As they notice Pallor approaching, Pallor hears one of the group say something about “…his sister!” which she takes to be a reference to her missing brother, Parcher.  Bruce and his companions (Splash and Silvia) are understandably skittish, but she convinces them she comes in peace and just wants to trade for a gas mask.  They settle on a deal, but as Splash hands her the mask she brushes her finger against his skin and implants a command in his brain to tell her “everything about Parcher.”  Splash starts babbling.  Parcher is the leader of a group of people who worship the aliens, who believe that the time for humanity is over and that everyone must embrace the new form of the Earth.  Bruce and Silvia are shocked by his babbling; they pull their guns on Pallor and tell her to get the fuck away from them.  Cassa sees this but holds back from sniping at them, as they appear to be more concerned with Splash than Pallor.

They head back to Doc’s hospital, avoiding the militia.  It’s getting late, so Pallor negotiates with Doc to allow her and her girls to stay at the hospital overnight, so they can take Zuto’s mask (and a head from one of the militia soldiers he’s killed recently) to Clarion in the morning.  Doc agrees, and Pallor and Cassa leave to collect Pallor’s girls from the Library.  Doc sends Shigusa with them; then sie and Mox work together to give Zuto a new mask.

Cassa and Pallor reach the library and gather everyone together, but as they’re about to leave they see Clarion coming up the street with fifteen of his militia soldiers.  Pallor hurries everyone to the other side of the library, where they exit through the northern doors and climb onto the old El tracks.  To the north, across the loop, they can see an odd green glow from around the area where they’d encountered the alien-space bubble.  But there’s little time to reflect on that; Clarion’s troops are rounding the building, and Pallor hurries her people down the orange line track toward Doc’s hospital.  Pallor takes point, followed by Shigusa, Prim, Visage, Frankie, and then Cassa.  As they’re crossing near the hardhold’s territory, they’re spotted by a militia patrol — the first shot hits Frankie through the head, just in front of Cassa.  Everyone hits the deck; Pallor sees the patrol on the ground, using rubble and building ruins as cover.  She leads everyone down the opposite side of the El, westward, and hopefully to safety.

To be continued…

*The advancement (or lack thereof) of Doc’s fungal growth was determined by this custom move, pretty much a recasting of Vincent’s mudfish parasite move used as an example in the AW rules:

The Xeno-fungal Infection

Once you’re infected, roll+weird at the start of each session.  On a 10+, your natural immune system has fought and killed the fungus.  You’re no longer infected.  On a 7-9, you’re fighting it, but it’s still there.  It simply doesn’t advance anymore this time.  On a miss, your infection advances.

(The infection advances as per a countdown, which adds affects each time it moves forward.)

Hx given this session:
Doc to Cassa +1 (Cassa knows Doc Hx+2)
Pallor to Cassa +1 (Cassa knows Pallor Hx+1)
Cassa to Doc +1 (Doc knows Cassa Hx+2)
Zuto to Pallor +1 (Pallor knows Zuto Hx+3)

Experience marked this session:
Pallor+4 (Opened her Brain, Read a Sitch, Read a Person, In Brain Puppet Strings; Reset; total: 0)
Doc+2 (Do Something Under Fire x2; total: 2)

Advancements gained this session:
Doc: +1 cool (from last session)
Pallor: New move: Towering Presence (Touchstone playbook; from last session), and New move: Direct-brain Whisper Projection

[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Third Session Report


Wolfie and Rutherford have been knocked physically into the Psychic Maelstrom, which appears to them as a chaotic storm of wind with no sky or ground, a white space of boiling, churning currents of thought.  The shock of it hits Wolfie and she lets go of Rutherford, falling off into the storm and letting go of the metal cube she’d found in the alien-space.  Not being able to navigate the maelstrom as Rutherford can, she is carried away by the battling currents.  As she falls, she sees, in the storm, a single fixed point of light: she tries to swim toward it, but only manages to attract the attention of one of the beings that live in the maelstrom.  It detaches from a current and comes toward her.

Apocalypse World Maelstrom Creature

(The creature, a Maelstrom Wyrm.  Wolfie seems to have all the worst luck running into the beasties.)

Cassa, still in the loop, heads north looking for Wolfie and Rutherford.  She’s calling out for them as she goes.  Reaching the dry riverbed, she keeps going, and soon comes to the alien-space bubble that Wolfie had encountered earlier.  Rather than taking the risk of going inside, she skirts around its edge and continues North at a slow pace.

Pallor, fresh from gaining instructions to kill Zuto, returns to the library, where she hears that Ruby has gone off with the kid and hasn’t yet returned.  She asks after Zuto, but none of the remaining girls have seen hir.  Recalling that she’d seen Wolfie and Cassa heading north into the loop earlier, she decides to head that way to try and meet up with them.

Doc fixes up Zuto’s gun wound, made complicated by a shattered bullet and a shard positioned next to an artery.  The procedure goes without a hitch, however, and Zuto is soon back to hir full strength.

Wolfie pulls a fire extinguisher from her pack and fires, hoping to harm the creature and also to propel herself toward the fixed light.  She succeeds, hitting the beast in the face and pushing herself toward the light, which, as she nears, she recognizes as a person — Zuto.  She emerges from the Maelstrom and into Doc’s lab, appearing from a corner of the room and tumbling to the floor, spraying the opposite wall and ceiling with the fire extinguisher.  Doc grabs the extinguisher just as the wyrm follows her into the room.  Wolfie jumps out of the way, but the beast latches on to Doc’s side and begins shaking hir like a rag doll.  Zuto grabs hir chainsaw and runs to help Doc, slicing the beast’s head off.  Doc goes flying into the wall.  Miraculously, no one is hurt in the process; Doc’s heavy surgical apron took the brunt of the attack, and sie hirself is pretty sturdy for someone that old.

Pallor catches up to Cassa.  Neither of them has seen the person the other is looking for.  Pallor explains why she needs to find Zuto, and Cassa agrees to help her.  They head back toward the South Loop.

In Doc’s Lab, Rutherford appears, following Wolfie out of the Maelstrom.  Rutherford is still a nine-foot-tall toucan-beaked doughnut shape, and is excited enough to have found Wolfie that he begins prancing about the room, knocking over some of Doc’s equipment.  Wolfie calms him down, but Doc still requests firmly that she and Zuto take Rutherford outside of the lab, telling her that she’s free to stay while she recovers from her ordeal.  After their gone, Doc turns hir attention to fixing Fauna’s alien-fungal growth.

Returning to the South Loop holding, Cassa and Pallor chance to meet Wisher, one of Cassa’s followers, who introduces them to Egg, a new “convert”.  Apparently the Cassa’s commune has picked up a few new members, which is stretching it’s food supply a little too much.  Pallor volunteers some of the garden produce at the library, in exchange for word on Zuto’s location if any of the commune knows anything.  Afterwards Cassa and Pallor check at Wolfie’s den in the museum campus grounds, but find it unchanged since Cassa was there that morning.  By now it’s well into the afternoon, and Pallor’s time is running short.  She opens her brain to the psychic maelstrom and searches for hints of Zuto’s location.  She gets a vague sense of healing, which leads her to believe he may be at Doc’s place.

As Shigusa works on the sedated trilobite-thing, and Mox checks on Zuto and Wolfie, Doc works on Fauna’s fungal growth, using up some stock from hir Angel Kit.  As sie cuts into one of the growths with hir scalpel, it explodes, splattering hir arm, while Fauna begins bleeding copiously.  Doc has a choice to either save Fauna’s life or to clean the fungal ooze off hir own arm and avoid getting the infection.  Sie chooses to save Fauna, and ignores the  splatter while sie sews up the wound and finishes the procedure.

Mox finds Zuto and Wolfie trying to figure out how to play a game with a deck of cards.  He asks if they need anything, and they realize they’re quite hungry.  Though Mox would probably be willing to share some of Doc’s food, Wolfie says they don’t want to impose, and they leave to find something to eat.  Rutherford goes with them, and as they scrounge they play fetch with him, which involves throwing something small, like a stick, and receiving something large, like a lamppost.

Passing through the center of the hard hold on their way to Doc’s place, Pallor and Cassa are noticed by a group of four militia, who stop to question them and to harass Pallor.  Pallor tries to implant a command into one of them, but hurts him instead, leaving him catatonic.  He pitches forward on his face, and the others draw their guns; it looks to go ugly, but Cassa manages to intimidate them into backing off, hands where she can see them, making no sudden moves.  Continuing on they are met by Rutherford, whom they don’t recognize in the new form.  He bounds over to Cassa (who has the seed-pods that calm him), and by the time he reaches her he’s shrunk and rotated back to his smaller monkey form, and leaps onto her to dig into her bag for the seeds.  Zuto and Wolfie walk up soon after.  Pallor explains that Clarion wants Zuto dead, but she has a plan: they need to find a corpse to put Zuto’s mask on.  Zuto explains sie’ll need a new mask, then.  Sie asks Wolfie if she might know where to find one.  Wolfie remembers that the ruins she searched earlier were a rich source of salvage, so there might be a mask there.  They decide to go check.

To be continued…

*Custom move for entering the Psychic Maelstrom physically:

When you physically enter the Psychic Maelstrom, immediately Open Your Brain.  On a miss, take 1 Ψ-harm.  If it’s the first time you enter the maelstrom, take an additional +1 Ψ-harm whether you miss or not.

Hx given this session:

  • Zuto to Doc, +2 for healing 2-harm and +1 at session’s end (Reset; Doc knows Zuto Hx+3)
  • Cassa to Pallor +1 (Reset; Pallor knows Cassa Hx+1)
  • Wolfie to Zuto +1 (Zuto knows Wolfie Hx+1)
  • Pallor to Cassa +1  (Cassa knows Pallor Hx=0)
  • Doc to Zuto +1 (Zuto knows Doc Hx+1)
Experience marked this session:
  • Zuto: +2 (reset). Total: 0 (Seizing by Force, Acting Under Fire)
  • Wolfie: +2 (reset). Total: 0 (Acting Under Fire, Reading a Situation)
  • Doc: +4 (reset). Total: 0 (Acting Under Fire 3 times, Hx with Zuto)
  • Cassa: +2. Total: 2 (Towering Presence, ??)
  • Pallor: +3 (reset). Total: 1 (Opening her Brain, In Brain Puppet Strings, Hx with Cassa, )

Character Improvements this session:

  • Wolfie took +1 Cool
  • Zuto took +1 Weird
  • Pallor (will choose before next session)
  • Doc (will choose before next session)

[World of Darkness: Oracles] Werewolves

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4 of Spades: The young girl, her mind being consumed and replaced by the spider-spirit, and her concerned parents, who take her to the hospital to run a series of tests

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