Clearance Aisle Minis: Rodan Edition

Whilst shopping at the Mart of Wal yesterweek, I did find me a treasure in the fabled Aisle of Clearance, and decided to endeavor about forging improvements on’t.

They just leapt into my cart when I wasn’t looking, honest!

I haven’t done much with the Ghidorah yet (though I fully intend to do so!); thus this story will focus on the Rodan figure. Note that these toys come with destructible cityscapes, which I think is a nice touch.

The first thing to do was the get rid of all the unsightly crevices caused by the joints. This was accomplished with green epoxy putty, which I tried to texture a bit to match the rest of the wings so it wasn’t super obvious after painting.

Here we are after a coat of black primer and a dry brushing of gray. At this point in the process, it looked about as good as the initial toy, just less red and minus the joints.

Wanting to make it a little more special than the original toy, though, the next step was to trace most of the lowest points in the wings and give them a highlight with white primer.

Then I traced all the white lines with red paint, and then a slightly smaller line of orange, and then finally, closer to the body, a small line of yellow blending into the orange as it spread away from the core.

Here’s how it turned out! This idea is based on some concept art from the recent film depicting Rodan emerging from the volcano on Isla de Mara:

(Now all I need is an erupting volcano to go with it…)