[Monsterhearts] GenCon Game Continuation Play Report

Joe was kind enough to run another session of the GenCon Monsterhearts game, over Google+ Hangouts.  Here’s how it went.

•Logan dies. And comes back. He wakes up on the floor of his bedroom. First, he checks in with the Tyrant. (Stare into the Abyss: 9;  takes the “drained” condition). The images come to him staccato and confusing. They aren’t visions, so much as flashbacks of memories that he has blocked out. He remembers darkness, and a booming voice issuing orders to him. He can’t remember the orders, but he does remember being shoved back into his body, and that Gabriel killed him. He wants to speak to Gabriel, and decides to find Ray. Then he notices the bloodstain on the floor leading to the living room. He looks through the house to see where the stains come from. The lights are out in the rest of the apartment, but he sees, in the kitchen, there’s a dim glow from a night light or something. His mother is at the kitchen table, smoking a cigarette. She hasn’t smoked since he was a kid. “Ma? Are you okay?”

“Yes dear,” she says, smiling.
He asks why she’s smoking. She says she felt like taking up the habit again. He asks about the blood outside his door. She says she’ll clean it up. He asks where his father is, and she replies that he’s working the late shift.
He asks if she’s seen Gabriel. She takes another drag and says, “I don’t think you’ll be seeing much of Gabriel anymore. He’s a bad influence. Just go to bed, son. You’ve got school in the morning.”

•Tyler and Lucian and Rowan and Veronica are going to go to the Fright Night dance as a double date. Everybody is really upset about the school nurse, Morgan, who died mysteriously. Lots of rumors going around. Suicide? Drowning?

•Gabriel has disappeared, too. He hasn’t come home, and Ray’s mother is upset. She’s been trying to get him to comfort her. After 24 hours, she has clearly not slept. Ray tells her that Gabriel mentioned that she hasn’t paid attention to him in a while (Shutting her down: 6). He tries to slap her hand away; she threatens to wish for something else. He slaps her. (Striking Out Physically: 7) She slaps him back, hard enough that he flies across the room. “Don’t you ever raise a hand to your mother! I made you!” Ray’s head spins, and he sees himself back in the basement, dressed extremely well; skinny jeans, a pair of glasses, in a fairly androgynous way. He looks more like Lucian, and he’s back in the basement with Logan, and it’s back to the moment where he’s chanting, but before Logan can get the words out, Ray blows his head off with a gun. (Staring into the abyss: 14. Metamorphosis: Volatile+2, Dark+1). Mother is breathing heavily. She looks down at him, and says, “You want eggs? I’m making eggs.”
“..Yeah, I’ll take some eggs.”

•Rowan slept on the beach. When she wakes up the next morning, her body is in kind of a curve on the sand. Nestled against her body is her pelt. She has Lucian stow her pelt somewhere safe.

•The Fear Fest is at a carnival. During the day, on Friday, they’re still putting it together.  Many of the kids from school watching it go up.  There’s still no sign of Gabe; Mrs. Armstrong has called the police and talked to them.  Veronica’s clique is there; Bradley and Heather are walking with Tyler, and they keep flirting with the carnies. Veronica’s dad is now one of her followers. It feels *right*. She is having him stand up to Mom more, and about face on those sorts of issues. There have been some furious arguments since Monday. They didn’t have much of a sex life before, and now she has moved into the guest room. There is a storm cloud over the house. Veronica has suggested to her dad that they just get a divorce.

•Lucian has been playing it cool with Veronica, not hanging around the school much, keeping the aura of hipsterness going. He has turned up today, though. There is a woman, one of the carnies, who is a hard 25. Not much older than the highschoolers, but she’s probably been divorced twice already. She’s been eyeing Lucian all day. Rowan is watching the carnival getting set up. Veronica is also present. Lucian catches the Carny’s eye and then pretends to ignore her. (Turn her on: 7) The carny asks Lucian for help; “You wanna give me a hand, sugar?” “No, I think you’ve got it,” he says, and starts fixing his shirt. Veronica, with him, grabs his collar and fixes it the way she likes it — not the way he likes it. (Shutting him down: 8. She gives him the condition: “Taken”, He gives her the condition: “Jealous.”)

•Mrs. Armstrong has been keeping Ray in the house and away from school a lot. She’s been trying to get media attention. Ray has been practicing with her meagre makeup supply, but hasn’t developed all that great of skills yet.

•Rowan’s favorite class is Creative Writing. Mr. Barnett is her teacher. She likes telling stories. He’s a middle aged bald man, lives with his mother across the bridge in Oakland. He’s the sort of teacher that kids would normally make fun of, but they don’t because he’s humorous. He tells the jokes about himself. The last thing Rowan wrote for him caught his attention; it had to do with an Irish folktale thing that was a little too accurate.  “Miss Douglas,” he says. “Excited about the fun fair?” “Yeah,” she says. “We do this every year this time of year,” he explains. “..I found your story most interesting. You seem to have such a knowledge of folk tales. i think you got a little lost in the details of the mythology, and didn’t let the story come through. It wasn’t an essay; you need to put more life into your characters. It seemed like you didn’t even understand what you were writing about.” She asks him for suggestions for revision and he tells her, “You need to look inside, to the questions burning deep inside you.” He stands next to her amiably. “So, are you going to the fun fair?” “Yeah.” “Is there a boy?” “I’m going with a bunch of friends.” “Who?” “Tyler, Veronica, and Lucian and some others.” “Oh. Veronica. You didn’t strike me as the type to mix with Miss Carter and her little clique.” “Well, I hadn’t before, but we started talking to each other one day.” “I don’t like to speak ill of a student, but you seem like such a real person to me,” he says. “Those boys and girls miss carter hangs out with, just…ah…I was thinking that you might want to come to a meeting of the literary magazine. I think you’d like the kids who work on that. There’s Mr. Menendez…” (which is Logan). “When do you meet?” “We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right now we’re picking a theme for this year. Well. I’m off, you have a good time at this fair.” Tyler ambles up to her as her teacher ambles off. They talk about what The Barn wanted. Tyler is being all smiley, and kind of getting into her space bubble and touching her arm… “So, meet here about 8 then?” “Sounds like a plan.”

•Mrs. Armstrong has been keeping Ray in the house and away from school a lot. She’s been trying to get media attention. Ray has been practicing with her meagre makeup supply, but hasn’t developed all that great of skills yet.Logan, not seeing Ray for a couple days, heads to Ray’s house and knocks on the door. Mrs. Armstrong answers. “Oh, Logan,” she says. “It’s so good to see you.” She gives him a hug. “It’s been such a hard week for you. Little Raymond…” “I haven’t seen him. Is he okay?” “He’s…he’s holding up. Would you like cookies?” “Sure. Is he here?” “Yes, he’s in the bedroom. He’s been really upset about Gabriel. Do you want some milk, sweetie?”  He tries to convince her to leave so he can talk to Ray. (Manipulate: 9). He’s going to play off her churchiness and the fact that she’s been neglecting church while all this has been going on. “Maybe Ray would open up to me; you look really tired. You could use a break.” “You want to stay here with Ray? That would be good, you two boys could talk.”
She gets her purse, gives him another squishy hug, and leaves. “Raaay! I’m going out. Logan is here.”

•Lucian and Veronica have been hanging out all afternoon. Veronica has been claiming him as her territory. As she tries to take his hand, though, he moves away (shutting her down: 10. He takes a string on her). The girls hanging out with them catch this happen; and they look at each other, worried. Tyler and Rowan amble up with a big stuffed animal shark. Tyler tried, and couldn’t win it, so Rowan won it for herself. He’s looking sheepish and eating a caramel apple. Rowan likes Heather better than Bradley. “Oh my god!” Heather says, “That’s so cute.” “He tried,” says Rowan. “I just got lucky.” Heather speaks for the shark, “Oh, Tyler couldn’t catch me, Rowan had to catch me. Tyler, you’re so lame.” Rowan takes Veronica aside to tell her that she got the pelt back, so she doesn’t need help anymore. “So where is the pelt?” says Veronica. “It’s safe,” says Rowan. While Rowan and Veronica are talking and Heather and Tyler and Bradley are hive minding, Lucian is noticing that no one is talking to him. He sees the woman from earlier standing by the Duck Gun game. With all the recent deaths lately, the turnout here has not been good lately. She’s looking a little bored and she looks over at Lucian and nods for him to come over. He does. “I’ll give you a free go,” she says. “I bet you will,” he says. “You know how to work one of these?” she says. “You bet I do,” he says. She wraps her arms around him to help him steady the gun. “I saw you lookin’ at me earlier, she says.” “I noticed you noticing,” he replies. He takes a few shots, and does pretty well. He readjusts her hold on him, and she runs a hand down his back. “You know what you’re doin’ boy,” she says. “Is it normally this quiet?” he asks. “People get spooked so easily,” she says. “It’ll be better next town.” “So what’s your name?” “Claree.” “How long are you in town for?” “Just tonight.” “Well maybe we should blow this joint,” he says. “What about your friends?” “They look like they’re doing alright.” “What do you want to do?” “Let’s just play it by ear.” At this point, Veronica notices that her date is talking to this other woman. Rowan notices that she’s seething, but doesn’t know what’s going on (she marks experience for this). Veronica is not used to being ignored, and storms up to them.

•Logan and Ray talk about Gabriel. Logan tries to intimidate Ray by throwing him up against the wall, (They trade conditions: Ray – Scared, Logan – Suspicious.) Ray hits him with a lamp (13; one harm, one string). Logan tries to tackle him to shut him down. (3). A voice tells Logan to bring Ray to them. Ray hits him on the head again. (12) Logan asks the dark power for more strength. The voice tells him that he will get the strength, but he needs to wreck Ray’s face. It was going so well, and then Logan starts speaking in tongues again, and he grabs Ray’s hand and drags him against the wall, and brings him up. Ray hears a voice in his head (Mimicry: 10). “Hello, Raymond.”

•At the carnival, Veronica gives Heather and Bradley a look and they come with her over to Claree and Lucian. Tyler says, “Oh, this isn’t going to be pretty.”
“Lucian,” says Veronica. “What are you doing, Lucian? You should come with Us.” (Offering all three of them; plus using the One of Us condition)=17! +1 string.
“All right, let’s go,” says Lucian. “Hey!” says Claree. Lucian turns slightly to address Claree, “You should stay in town longer.” (Hypnotic: 11) “Sure, yeah!” He leaves with Veronica. Heather looks back over her shoulder at Claree, and flips her the bird.

•Rowan is kind of mystified. “Do you want to get out of here?” says Tyler. “With you?” says Rowan. (Shutting down: 7 – She gives him “Lame”, He gives her “Fucking bitch!” as she walks away.) She goes to find her pelt.

•”His face, Logan,” says the voice in Logan’s mind.   “Hello Raymond,” says the voice in Ray’s mind.” “Hello!” says Ray out loud.  Logan drags Raymond toward the kitchen; he tries to resist (hold steady: 3), but can’t. Logan wants to scar him and pulls out a knife. He messes up Raymond’s face, cutting Xs in both of Ray’s cheeks.
“That wasn’t nice,” says the voice to Ray. “No it fucking wasn’t,” cries Ray. “What exactly is it you want, Ray?”
“I don’t fucking know.”
“You need to do better than that,” says the voice, and recedes away from him.
“Let’s go back to my place,” says Logan. As soon as they get outside, Ray breaks away, screaming. “Shit,” says Logan.
“Don’t worry,” says the voice. “He’ll come around soon enough.”

•They all go back to Veronica’s house. Her mom is there.
“Who’s your friend?” she says.
“This is Lucian. Lucian, this is my mother. Amy.” (Shutting her down: 7. She gives her mom the condition, “Cowed”, and her mom gives her the condition, “little slut.”) Lucian is making eyes with Bradley. Bradley is kind of taken aback; she’s not used to being the one being looked at; and Heather is kind of smirking, but vaguely put out. While this conversation is going on, “How come Veronica is in charge of this group?” “She’s special.” “You’re pretty special, too.” (Turn on: 11. +1 string on Bradley.) Bradley is afraid Lucian is just playing with her, because the boys that come around for Veronica and Heather sometimes use Bradley to get to Veronica and Heather. Veronica can sense this through her connection. Bradley bites her lower lip and leans into Lucian. “You’ll understand. Veronica’s special. She makes us all special.” She takes his hand and tugs him toward the basement. As the two of them start going down, Heather rolls her eyes a bit and follows them. Veronica smiles and waits a few moments before following.

•Lucian did not tell Rowan where he stowed the pelt. Rowan is looking for the pelt (staring into the abyss: 9). She gets Drained, and realizes it’s in Lucian’s home, the mausoleum. It’s stowed in a secret place.

•Bradley takes Lucian downstairs and as soon as she gets him down there, she launches herself at him; kissing him, unbuttoning his shirt. He goes along with it for a while, but then gets stand-offish. Veronica comes down and settles into her chair, and Heather sits on her lap; it’s obvious that they want to watch what’s going on. He picks up his shirt and walks up the stairs. (Shutting her down: 13 (Gets 2 strings on Bradley)). Bradley turns her back on everyone in the room; “fuck!”
Heather starts following him up the stairs, “I’m gonna go see what your dad’s up to.”
Veronica goes to comfort Bradley.
“I’m sorry,” Bradley whispers.
“It’s not your fault, sweetie,” says Veronica.
“I’m not good at this like you and Heather,” says Bradley. “I feel like Tyler would’ve had a better chance than me.”
“I just don’t think he’s into girls,” says Veronica.

•Rowan is heading toward the mausoleum when Ray comes running down the block. He doesn’t see her; he’s running in a skirt and a t-shirt, with two Xes bleeding on his cheeks. She does nothing. She makes it to the mausoleum; it’s dark in the cemetary. As she gets there, she hears a voice from the darkness say, “Rowan?”

It’s Gabriel, holding a stake and a mallet.

To be continued(?)

Highlighted Stats:

Ray’s highlights: Hot, Volatile
Veronica’s highlights: Cold, Dark
Logan’s highlights: Dark, Volatile
Lucian’s highlights: Hot, Cold
Rowan’s highlights: Volatile, Hot

Misc Facts Established this Session:

  • Logan’s Dark Power has the title of “Tyrant”
  • Veronica’s dad’s name is Tom, and her mother’s name is Amy. Last name: Carter.
  • Ray’s mother’s name is Ruth Armstrong.
  • Rowan’s last name is Douglas.

Hey Monsterheart players, can you post a comment with your characters’ current strings, experience, conditions, and any Improvements they took this session?

Ray: 3 on Veronica; 1 on Logan; 1 on Zach
Rowan: 1 on Veronica; 2 on Lucian
Logan: (The Dark Power has 2 on him)

Current Experience:
Ray: 4
Logan: 1
Rowan: 5+2?

Current Conditions:
Ray: “Confused”, “Wannabe”
Logan: Drained, Suspicious
Rowan: Fucking Bitch, Drained

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