[Monsterhearts] Google+ Hangouts One-Shot Play Report

So, following my GenCon Monsterhearts game, I offered to run a one-shot of it for my regular online group (the ones I’m writing Camlann with).  They read the play report and agreed it sounded awesome, so we played a game over Google+ Hangouts (which is our usual medium).  Joe and Jennifer from the GenCon game joined us, also.  Hannah kindly typed out notes for us as we played, and gave me permission to post them here. (Bekka wrote in the last few scenes, as Hannah had to attend to a crying infant).

The Characters:

Shiraz – The Fae
Played by Bekka
Look: Disheveled, mesmerizing eyes
Origin: Fae blooded
Moves: Fairy contract, Unashamed
Strings: 1 on Lilith
5 on Claire

Lilith – The Werewolf
Played by Hannah
Look: Unkempt, fierce eyes
Origin: Ancestral power
Cold -1
Moves: Primal Dominance, Uncontainable
Lilith transferred in a couple years ago, shortly after her father died. For the most part she’s well-adjusted socially and has a few good friends, but about once a month she has some major incident with another student, and would have been suspended several times over were it not for her mother’s intercession. In the evenings she waits tables at her mom’s vegan diner.
Strings: 2 on Gerard (has been watching him since she caught him going through James’ stuff)
1 on Raz

Claire – The Mortal
Played by Jennifer
Look: Quiet, doe eyes
Origin: Nobody
Hot+1* (advance to +2)
Moves: True Love, Sympathy is My Weapon, Down the Rabbit Hole
Strings: 1 on Lilith
2 on Shiraz

Gerard – The Witch
Played by Joe
Look: Brooding, calculating eyes
Origin: Gifted
Moves: Sympathetic Tokens, Hex-Casting (Watching, Illusions), Sanctuary
Strings: 1 on Lilith, 2 on Raz 2, 1 on Claire

Play Report:
It’s late in the evening at James’ house. He and Raz are in the living room, in the midst of James giving Raz a blowjob. Gerard, on the other side of town in his parents’ attic, is casting a hex using a sympathetic totem he stole from James. He succeeds in putting himself in James’ body, and immediately begins to choke. Raz looks down, confused as to why he’s suddenly so turned off. James/Gerard runs off and asks where the bathroom is. Raz reminds him that it’s his house.

Gerard finds the bathroom and stares at himself in the mirror, discovering that his features are superimposed on James’ face. He simultaneously curses his stupidity and admires his physique.

The doorbell rings. It’s Lilith; as is her custom, she barges into the living room after one ring. “Hey fucktard, I–oh.” Raz, still a bit bewildered after James’ swift departure, says hello. Lilith asks where James is, and when Raz explains she goes to the bathroom door and asks what’s wrong. Gerard attempts an impression of James’s voice and does a horrible job; Lilith knows something is strange here, but Gerard manages to shut her down. She says she’ll just take the leftover risotto she brought him home. Shiraz offers to eat it, which earns him a “fuck you,” and when he offers to do that too, she says he’s not her type and leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, Claire is working at Gulliver’s, the independent bookstore her father manages. She’s behind the counter as Will, a boy she recognizes from school, walks in and starts looking at books. He glances around furtively, then reaches out, plucks a book off the shelf, and puts it in his bag. Then he heads for the door.

Claire follows him and asks what books he was interested in. Will explains he was looking at the magic books because he’s a witch. Claire says that’s really interesting, then asks what book is in his bag. Will eventually reveals that he was stealing a Sexonomicon-esque hardcover worth about thirty dollars. Claire makes a deal with him–if he gets her into the pool area during swim practice, which is private, she’ll take care of the book. Will says he’ll handle it, and runs out, setting off the alarm. Claire’s dad refrains from writing her up if she’ll close tonight.

Gerard decides it would be best to get James’s body and his own in the same place so they can… collide? Details. He finds James’s bike and takes off for his house. Raz starts making some calls.

Back in the bookstore, Claire sees Luke, a member of the swim team, answer his phone and greet Raz. Apparently there’s a party at James’s house tonight. She convinces her dad to let her out of closing so she can go, since he does want her to make more friends.

Gerard makes it back to his own house. The only light on is in the attic. He finds the spare key under the gnome, and creeps upstairs. The attic is empty; the door is open. He goes inside and starts to cast another hex to switch him and James back where they belong.

Lilith walks home to find James, outside, having a panic attack. At first she doesn’t understand why he seems to have lost twenty pounds of muscle, but when she tells him she just smelled him in his own bathroom and realizes, in a roundabout way, what’s going on. She says they need to find Gerard. James asks who that is; Lilith says it’s not important, and they go.

Gerard opens his eyes and finds himself in Will’s body. There is a masking tape pentagram on the floor and a Sexonomicon on the floor, open to a love spell. A picture of Gerard is nearby. Gerard finds Will’s cell phone and calls himself.

Lilith and James are on their way back to James’s house when a cell phone rings. James freaks out and Lilith asks who the fuck Will is. James answers at last, and Gerard asks for William, realizing too late that Will is now in James’s body. Gerard hangs up. James asks Lilith again who Gerard is, and she says when she left he was still in James’s bathroom, so they’d better go back to his house.

Claire arrives at the party right  behind Luke; only a few people are there right now, and Raz is on the couch making out with Meredith, the cheer captain at the rival school across town. Meredith asks if Raz has a room or something; he says sure. Claire tries to think of a way to stop them, but can’t come up with anything that wouldn’t result in being seen as socially awkward. She keeps her cool, and instead starts talking with Luke. He asks where she goes to school, and she reminds him that they have like three classes together. He gets her a beer.

Lilith and James arrive at his house to find four people walking in before them. Lilith tells James to wait outside and not go anywhere, then walks straight to the bathroom and opens the door to find two people she doesn’t recognize locked in an embrace. They tell her to get in or get out. She slams the door and goes to the living room to bluntly ask random people if they’ve seen Gerard.

In Will’s body, Gerard is running out of ideas. He kneels in the center of the masking tape pentagram and stares into the abyss, asking where Will in James’s body is at that moment. Apparently he is in Gerard’s house, naked, staring into the bathroom mirror. Gerard hears footsteps outside Will’s door, and Will’s father reminds him that they don’t lock doors in this family. Gerard tries to get him to leave from the other side of the door. While Will’s parents are conferring, Gerard finds Will’s hoodie and attempts to breeze past them. They confront him, and he tells them he doesn’t need to listen to their bullshit. At last he makes it out of Will’s house, and sprints straight to his own.

By now, Luke has his hand on Claire’s knee, and asks if she wants to go see if there’s a room upstairs. Claire asks if there’s another one next to the other one. They go to find it, but Lilith stops and asks if they’ve seen Gerard, then tells them to have fun fucking. Claire and Luke go to the bedroom next to the one where Raz and Meredith are fucking; they can hear them through the wall. They are in James’s room–Claire has been here before. When Luke notices how awkward Claire is while listening to the activity next door, Luke helps her undress, pulls her toward the bed, and starts making out with her.

Lilith gives up on finding Gerard at James’s house and goes to find James, but he walks in before she can leave and starts screaming at everyone to get out of his house. Lilith convinces him that his parents will be way more pissed about him being in some other dude’s body when they get back than about some party, and promises to help him clean up. They leave and go to Gerard’s house.

Claire and Luke are having sex. Claire is starting to warm up to the idea, but then Luke tells her she’s hotter than she looks. Claire tells him to stop talking.

Gerard makes it back to his own house and finds Will, in James’s body, in Gerard’s bathroom. Will suggests he should go back and get his book, since it was his spell that started the whole thing, because “I’m like you now!” Gerard tells him in no uncertain terms that it was his own spell that caused this, and they start to argue. Will says he’s never seen Gerard “do anything like this”. Gerard takes offense and casts an illusion to make Will believe that he is covered with snakes and biting insects. The hex backfires and Will is covered in actual snakes and biting insects. Gerard snaps out of his rage and bats at the attacking creatures, then undoes the hex, but the snakebites remain. Will starts to froth at the mouth as James’s body swells with the venom, and Gerard takes him upstairs to the circle to undo the spell that started the whole mess.

As he casts the reversal spell, Gerard sees himself walking beside some sort of large dog. He sees himself and Will in the attic, then the two of them and James all within the circle saying something, and finally an image of Raz, nude against a black background.

Lilith and James arrive at Gerard’s house. James’s smell is thick about the place, and the door is unlocked, but lights are starting to come on due to the screaming and whatnot. Lilith grabs James’s hand and rushes in.

Claire finds it hard to get the sound of Meredith’s screams out of her head. She bumps into the cheerleader as they’re both leaving their respective places of fucking, and mutters something derisive under her breath, then goes downstairs for another beer. There she sees Raz dancing and goes to join him. She turns on the doe eyes and dances close.

Gerard manages to get Will up to the attic without his parents seeing him, but he can hear them walking around. He explains that he was watching a horror movie. His parents go back to bed, just as James and Lilith enter the house. Gerard frantically scans through his books; Will isn’t moving much anymore. Lilith and James walk in, and Gerard tells them it’s all Will’s fault.

Lilith grabs him and tells him she will rip out his jugular if he doesn’t fix everything in three minutes. Gerard insists that he can them all back in their right bodies, but he can’t heal James; Lilith punches him. James says he’s fine where he is, but Lilith says she won’t let anything happen to him. She also promises Gerard that when he’s back in his proper body, no one will ever find it. Gerard undoes the hex–he is back in his own body, Will is in Will’s body, and James is dead. Lilith transforms.

Claire and Raz are slow-dancing when Meredith grabs Claire, spins her around, slaps her in the face, and calls her a slut. Claire attempts to hit her back, but Meredith tackles her and punches her. Luke pushes Meredith off of Claire. Someone else from Meredith’s school punches Luke, and the party dissolves into a violent mess. Raz grabs Claire and they make a run for it. Someone crashes into Raz, but Luke grabs Claire and gets her outside. She argues that they have to go back for Raz because if the cops come, Raz would miss their next swim meet.

Gerard starts to flee but Will shoves him back to Lilith, who attacks. Gerard casts another illusion hex, which affects everyone in the house.

Meredith’s boyfriend, Chad, the captain of the football team at the rival school, drags Raz back into the melee and pins him on the ground. Raz shamelessly seduces him. Claire and Luke fight their way back through the crowd and find Chad and Raz kissing. They start to walk out, and Raz offers his hand to Claire as Luke and Chad clear the way for them.

Lilith, blinded by the illusory snakes and insects, strikes out at the wrong place, missing Gerard. Gerard casts a binding spell that prevents Lilith from doing harm to anyone else. At this point, James wakes up. Gerard and Lilith notice this gradually; Lilith is still snapping and slavering. Gerard tries to reassure James that he’s going to take him to the hospital and then leaves to find his sister. Lilith turns her attention to James and tries to harm him, but she can’t because of the binding spell. Gerard finds his sister screaming and writhing and he reverses the spell. He tries to convince her to drive him and James to the hospital. He fails and then his parents are in the hall, too. He tries to explain to his dad that he was watching a werewolf movie with a boy who now needs to go to the hospital. Everyone is convinced there is a gas leak in the house, causing the hallucinations. His dad goes to grab James while Gerard tries to stop him, but fails. His dad goes up to the attic. Lilith escapes through the window.  Gerard’s dad brings James back down to the car with the Gerard and his sister and his mom. James is speaking in an unknown language. Gerard grabs James’ head and gazes into the his eyes.  Gerard can’t see anything, but James gazes deep into Gerard and says in perfect English, “Hello, Gerard.”

Luke leaves, Raz convinces Chad to go back and save Meredith, but only if Raz promises to meet Chad the next day. Claire takes Raz to his place and Raz seduces her. But he asks her to promise to let him see Chad the next day, she says she’s in love with Raz and Raz says that he “won’t sleep with Chad” when he meets him.

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