[Hephaestus Collective] Rough Draft

So, here’s the very rough draft version of the Hephaestus Collective, as I had it when it was canceled.  Will it be updated ever?  Maybe if it gets resurrected and I actually get to run it sometime.  You have nearly everything you need in this file; but there are a few tweaks and things I would add if I were going to run it:

  • There are a lot of formatting issues; some of the cards overlap slightly, etc.  The layout is pretty poor.
  • I wanted to have a way for the test subjects to beat the system and escape the island.  This would require cooperation and information sharing between at least a couple of the PCs.
  • I wanted to plot out where the NPCs would be at each given time, and how the test would run if the players did nothing to change it.
  • I’d planned on mapping out the various building locations and so forth.

If I were to finish the draft, I’d add quite a bit of info on how to run the module as well.

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