[Hephaestus Collective] Timeline

(Fig 1:  Jack Presto)

  • 2021 Common Era (C.E. ) – In a pub in rural New Hampshire, the Hephaestus Collective is created by Jack Presto and several friends in response to the world’s inequalities, injustice, and instability. For the next 30+ years, the Collective is a small not-for-profit organization specializing in writing philosophical volumes published by vanity presses, distancing itself from conspiracy-theorist would-be allies, and failing to make an impression in the general public’s mindspace.
  • 2059C.E. – Governmental and monetary systems experience a total global collapse in the worst economic disaster in human history, known as The Final Depression.
  • 2063C.E. – Before a global audience, Presto presents his proposal for a new kind of society, the “Value Based Culture. ” The proposal is embraced by citizens of all nations and the Hephaestus Collective Contextual Information: Timeline
  • is placed in charge of the tranformation of all civilization.
  • 1 Renovation Era (R.E. ) – The Hephaestus Collective begins global transition to the new scientifically organized society, utilizing the the principles of technologal development, automation, science, universal ownership and post-humanism.
  • 7R.E. – The centralized artificial intelligence, RAISIN (the Resource Allocation Intelligent Systems Integrated Network) is brought online. Programmed to work relentlessly for the betterment of humanity, RAISIN manages the dispensation of Earth’s resources with utter logic, free from the human inconsistencies of ambition, emotion, or error. Resources are distributed in exact proportion to an individual’s usefulness to humanity as defined by RAISIN’s scientifically-based evaluations.
  • 15R.E. – Antiprogressive terrorists, known as “Laggers”, steal a cache of high-level utility explosives. They attempt to detonate these at a network relay station, hoping to cripple several lesser AI systems and reduce RAISIN’s processing capacity by nearly a tenth of a percent. They are discovered, however, and several MDR-34a “Mediation Drones” are deployed immediately. The laggers are quickly contained, processed, and redistributed.
  • 50R.E. – Phase Two begins. The Great Peers declare all family units dissolved. All marriages are annulled. Children are raised in Caregiver Units consisting of up to 1 5 adult Caregiver guardians and 2-4 children per adult. World-wide social unrest results. Lagger attacks skyrocket.
  • 51 R.E. – Authorised by RAISIN, the Collective responds with an arsenal of MDR-56b Mediation Drones and UDM-63 Unrest-Diffusion Motherships, quickly restoring order to over 79% of the globe. Networked PK-4 Peacekeeper Drones patrol cities, keeping watch over the Collective populace.
  • 64R.E. – In order to better anticipate human reactions and prevent further social unrest, RAISIN announces the ongoing Human Physio-Psycho Behavioral Anxiety-Stimulus Experiments. To study human psychology and behavior under stress, groups of individuals chosen as test subjects are required to participate in competitive struggles in a controlled environment, ending in the termination of all but one test subject. The experiments are also streamed live to mandatory viewing locations, often in the subjects’ region of origin. Data is collected from both participants and observers.
  • 83R.E – Critics note that test subjects for the Experiments seem to be drawn mostly from areas with histories of civil unrest. RAISIN retorts that these allegations are in error; the participant groups are chosen at random and not as a form of punishment. Further, vengeance and vindictiveness are human urges that RAISIN does not share. On the other hand, the Great Peers point out that culling subjects from areas of past lagger activity is only natural, as data on the cause of such activity is the entire point of the Experiments. The Critics can find no logical contradiction in these two explanations, as they have been located by Mediation Drones and contained, processed, and redistributed.
  • 161 R.E. – The current year; the 67th year of the Experiments.

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