[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Fifth Session Report

Zuto's New Mask
(Zuto's New Mask)


Pallor, Shigusa, Prim, Visage, and Cassa scramble down a rusted and rotting stairway to get off of the elevated train platform.  Fleeing westward, they hear the sound of motorcycles in pursuit of them.  They dodge turn down a cross-street to take cover, but Prim stumbles in the middle of the road with the cycles bearing down on her.  Cassa and Pallor go back for her, as Shigusa and Visage take shelter.  Pallor tries to order the cyclists authoritatively to leave them alone, but is answered only by gunfire.  Cassa snipes one off a bike, which rolls into a nearby building and explodes.  The leading biker shoots Pallor in the torso.  Pallor throws a knife and sinks it into his shoulder.  Cassa shoots and misses; the biker runs her down, ramming her with the cycle.  Pallor throws another knife, hitting him in the throat this time — the other biker misses her.  She tries to attack the remaining militia biker psychically, as he tries ramming her — something snaps in his brain, and the bike veers past her, though he manages to shoot as he passes, .  Cassa, badly wounded and tangled in bike and dead rider, just manages to reach her rifle and hits the final rider through the back of the head.

Meantime, Ruby Honeytree and Chack, the kid, have spent most of the day lost in the Blight Forest.  They found the sobertree early on, but the Mist rolled in from the lake and they only now find their way back to the hardhold.  She’s headed for the library, not realizing that it has been taken over by the militia.

At the same time, Duke, a gunlugger, is returning to the South Loop hardhold after several months away.  She’s worked with Pallor in the past, and has heard rumors that Zuto and Pallor have had a falling out.  So she’s hoping that leaves an opening for a bodyguard.  The library brothel is dark as she approaches, but she enters anyway; only to find a dozen militia soldiers pointing their guns at her.  She and Clarion strike a deal; he’ll give her several months’ food and board, and clean her gun and sharpen her knives, if she’ll help them bring in Pallor, Ruby, Zuto, Cassa, and Pallor’s other girls.  She exits, only to see Ruby approaching.  She signals a warning to her, but it’s seen by one of the militia soldiers, who exit to see what’s going on.  Duke tries to sell them some story, but the guard calls bullshit and heads back inside to get Clarion.  Duke takes the opportunity to flee to where Ruby is, leaving her knives behind in the hands of the militia.  She fills Ruby in on what she’s seen in the library, and they decide to look for Cassa’s people, particularly Matilda, who they hope can tell them Pallor and Cassa’s current whereabouts.

Wolfie had intended to take Cassa, Pallor, and Zuto to the Sears Tower ruins earlier, but had a bad feeling that something was amiss with her hoard.  So she let them go by themselves and spent the day making sure everything was in place.  Emerging in the evening, she heads back toward Doc’s hospital.  On the way she sees Corderoy, one of Cassa’s followers, who warns her that he has heard gunfire from the west side of the hardhold.  She continues on, cautiously.

Zuto and Doc recovered from their respective surgical procedures.

To Be Continued…

Hx given this session:
Pallor to Cassa +1 (Cassa knows Pallor Hx+2)
Cassa to Pallor +1 (Pallor knows Cassa Hx+2)

Ruby knows Duke at Hx+3; Duke knows Ruby at Hx+2 (Note: Duke and Ruby gave each other +1Hx at session’s end)
Zuto knows Duke at Hx-2; Duke knows Zuto at Hx+1
Wolfie knows Duke at Hx=0; Duke knows Wolfie at Hx=0
Cassa knows Duke at Hx=0; Dukes knows Cassa at Hx+1
Pallor knows Duke at Hx+2; Duke knows Pallor at Hx-1
Doc knows Duke at HX=0 ; Duke knows Doc at +1

Experience Marked this session:
Duke: +1 (Read a person; Total: 1)
Cassa: +3 (Acting under fire; Seize by Force; Go Aggro.  Reset; Total: 1)


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