[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] Second Session Report


Doc lives in an abandoned hospital with Mox and Shigusa, hir assistants. As the session opens, sie and Shigusa are preparing to dissect an alien trilobite in the basement. Mox comes downstairs, calling for Doc. He explains that the militia are upstairs with an injured woman. Doc heads up to see them. The injured woman is Fauna, whom Doc recognizes as one of Pallor’s girls. She is unconscious, with some form of growth (alien and fungal) on her upper back, shoulder, and neck. The militia soldiers, Guinness and Tank, are here because they know Doc is interested in cases like this: they want barter in exchange for bringing the girl. Doc tells them the growth is contagious and gives them a vial of “antidote” as payment. Mox and Shigusa carry Fauna downstairs.

Meantime, Pallor, taken into the bowels of McCormick place, is thrown into a tiny cell with bloodstains on the wall and a filthy, overflowing bucket in the corner. The door is closed. Time passes.

Wolfie investigates the flash of light she saw before. Crossing the dry riverbed she reaches the point where the light had been, only to see another flash another ways up the street. She follows, and realizes that she’s about to enter a zone of alien-space; these are pockets or bubbles littered around the area where reality does not work as it should — the alien reality is superimposed on our own. As she enters, light seems to reverse itself: everything appears as in a negative, colors now the opposite of what they should be. Placing Rutherford in a harness and leash so that he won’t shift in size, she advances. Rutherford suddenly stops and scurries back a short way, then ducks behind a pile of debris and tugs on the leash. Wolfie joins him and starts digging at the rubble, uncovering — something, a cube of some sort, obviously alien in origin. She puts it in her pack just as Rutherford starts to panic: there’s a flash of black as a enormous creature, like a cross between a bear and a worm with a round short proboscis of rotating teeth, lumbers near them. Wolfie makes a run for it, and the creature, spying her, gives chase.

Alien Creature (The creature.)

Cassa pauses on the stairwell to the subway, glancing up at the tops of the building and isolating the location of her attacker. There seems to be only one. Using the rubble scattered between the buildings as cover, she dashes for the building and emerges on the fourth floor (which is open to the sky as the rest of the building has long since collapsed), where her would-be assassin is stationed. As she bursts through the door, the sniper starts to turn his gun, but Cassa has hers already trained on him.

Zuto, by the riverbed, encounters the two militia men that Shazza sent after hir. Charging them, sie takes another bullet, which sends hir collection of eyeballs flying into the dust and rubble. Before another shot is fired, though, Zuto closes the distance and lops off both of hir assailents’ heads. Sie pauses to collect their eyes, and then heads toward Doc’s hospital, thinking to trade the eyes in exchange for some medical attention.

Eventually, the door to Pallor’s cell opens and Clarion comes in with a guard armed with a gun. Clarion tells him to shoot Pallor if she tries anything. He and Pallor talk. She tells him that Zuto was acting on his own, and that she had nothing to do with the death of his militia. He says that’s not good enough: she tries to seduce him again, but he slaps her in the face. This gives her the opportunity to grab his arm, and implant an order to let her go. When the guard steps forward to shoot her in the face, Clarion grabs the gun away and orders him to back off. He gives the gun to Pallor and tells her he wants Zuto’s head on his doorstep by nightfall, or the militia will be coming after her and her whores. Pallor agrees, and is released.

Wolfie freezes as the creature charges her. Rutherford *rotates* somehow out of his harness, shifting in both size and shape, the constraining harness disappearing, the end of the leash connecting invisibly to something beyond sight. Rutherford is now 15 feet tall, with a toucan’s head and a large doughnut shaped hole in its body*. Wolfie jumps on, and Rutherford charges to meet the other creature, attacking with his beak, which opens into a rainbow-colored portal. The beast rears up to attack, and Rutherford opens a wide gash in its belly, into which Wolfie immediately fires with her shotgun. The beast shrieks, and rolls, dead, into Rutherford, striking him and causing him to rotate — with Wolfie — out of three-dimensional space.

Cassa’s attacker, Bruce, drops his gun, and she interrogates him. Apparently he disagrees with the message of hope and human progress that she’s preaching, believing instead that the time for humanity is over and that the remaining survivors must embrace the alien future. Cassa gives him a choice: drop his gun and leave, or die. He chooses the former, scurrying past her and disappearing down the stairwell. She pauses to retrieve his sniper rifle and then sets off to find Wolfie.

Zuto sees two more militia (Guinness and Tank) leaving Doc’s hospital, but lets them go as they don’t seem to be interested in hir. Sie knocks on Doc’s door and sie answers. Doc agrees to take hir in and look at hir wounds in exchange for the eyeballs, and to hire hir on as the hospital’s body guard.

To be continued…

Hx given this session:
Zuto to Doc: +1 (Doc knows Zuto @ Hx+3)
Doc to Zuto: +1 (Zuto knows Doc @ Hx+3)

Experienced marked this session:
Zuto 2 (Go Aggro x2 (Hard); Total: 3)
Doc 1 (Total: 1)
Cassa 3 (Indomitable and Go Aggro x2 (Hard) ; Total: 0)
Wolfie 2 (Scavenger and Read a Charged Situation; Total: 3)
Pallor 2 (Seduce, In Brain Puppet Strings; Total: 3)

Improvements marked:
Cassa: Followers + “Fortunes”

*While Wolfie’s player seemed to follow everything that was happening with Rutherford (we’d discussed his true nature a bit outside the game), the other players were looking pretty baffled. After the session, I wrote a detailed explanation of what is happening in this scene.

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