[Apocalypse World: Xenoformed Chicago] First Session Report

Zuto Mega Stompfucker
We open with Cassa, the touchstone, who passing by meets up with Wolfie, the Ruin Runner. Wolfie is preparing to head into the ruins of the Loop to look for salvage, and asks if Cassa wants to join her. Cassa agrees.

Pallor, the Brainer, runs a brothel in the old Harold Washington Library building, one of the very few buildings left standing in the downtown area. She’s preparing for the day, checking on her girls, making sure everything went smoothly the night before. (Her girls are Ruby (our Battlebabe), Fauna, Prim, Visage, and Frankie). She discovers that Fauna hasn’t returned yet; she was last seen in the company of one of the members of the South Loop militia. Pallor takes Zuto Mega Stompfucker, the Faceless and her hired bodyguard, and heads toward the historic district to try and find Fauna. Ruby, who has been hired by Cassa to find some alien poison, reads some old, crumbling yellowing magazines from before the end of the press.

Some milita men pass by Cassa and Wolfie, but fortunately take no interest in them*, and they proceed into the loop. They search around and in the ruins of the Willis Tower, and Wolfie quickly manages to uncover a pair of unbroken spectacles; quite valuable.

Zuto and Pallor run into the militia as well, who are quite common in the historic district area. This time, they are both noted by the militia. Zuto isn’t generally welcome in this part of the city, so they demand that he explain his presence. Meanwhile the other three members of the patrol start harassing Pallor with cat calls and lewd remarks. One even goes so far as to touch her. She uses her Violation Glove to perform Puppet Strings, implanting a command that the soldiers should all leave her and Zuto alone. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that. Zuto revs up his chainsaw and cuts them all down, taking taking a couple bullets himself but not feeling it much. It’s over in a flash, and they’re both standing covered in gore.

Ruby’s researching still when Prim tells her there’s a situation downstairs. Chack, this kid everyone knows, maybe 15 years old, is drunk and has some jingle and he’s banging on the door demanding to be let in. She says he has a gun. Ruby heads for the roof and listen to him shouting. “I’ve got barter and I want some pussy!” he calls. Before things escalate too much, she heads back downstairs and lets him in. She takes him to a room and convinces him that she’ll tell Pallor to have him paid in services if he agrees to watch out for the girls as another guard. He agrees.

Cassa and Wolfie stop for lunch, which Cassa brought. As they eat, Ruthorford (Wolfie’s pack animal, a size-shifting alien monkey thing) starts acting crazy, grows up to human-size and runs off, leaping up on the old El pillars and heading north. They follow. Wolfie thinks they can coax him down with these little pellet things that grow in the forest (and sometimes downtown). Cassa knows of a patch of the plants nearby; they split up.

Ruby takes Chack into the forest to look for some sobertree to help with his inebriated state. To avoid the eyes that are constantly on the burnt ground between the city and the forest, she takes him through an old sewer pipe, using a motion sensor she got from Wolfie. The coast is clear, so they head through.

Meantime, Rutherford stops at the dry riverbed, since the El tracks have collapsed here and the pillars are too far apart to jump across. Wolfie climbs up beside him and soothes him enough that he shrinks back small enough to fit in her backpack. As she’s zipping him in, she sees a flash of something bright on the opposite side of the riverbed.

Cassa, collecting pellets from “plants” that look like sea sponges (the pellets are in the sponge-holes), is about to go back for Wolfie, when someone starts shooting at her from the top of a nearby building. She looks for building to duck into herself, but hesitates. The only place available is the Subway entrance, and the Subway has a very bad reputation. Still, must be better than being shot, right? In she goes.

Pallor stands in shock, covered in the militia men’s gore, as Zuto kneels down to collect eyeballs from the corpses. She tells him he needs to go, now. So he does, heading for the riverbank to reflect. Clarion approaches Pallor with a couple more heavily armed militia, Dremmer and Joe’s Girl. Pallor tries to seduce him into letting her off easy, but he’s got four soldiers dead, and it’s just not going to cut it this time. The militia takes her in, and though she could Puppet Strings someones she lets them take her, figuring it gets her closer to Fauna. As they enter McCormick Place, Clarion tells a few other soldiers to find and kill Zuto.

To be continued…

Hx given this session:
Cassa to Wolfie: +1 (Wolfie knows Cassa @ +2Hx)
Wolfie to Cassa: +1 (Cassa knows Wolfie @ +1Hx)
Zuto to Pallor: +1 (Pallor knows Zuto @ +2Hx)
Pallor to Zuto: +1 (Zuto knows Pallor @ 0Hx)

Experience marked this session (from rolling Highlighted Stats):
Cassa: 2 (For Act Under Fire and Getting Noticed by the Militia (Cool))
Wolfie: 1 (For Salvage (Sharp))
Zuto: 1 (For Go Aggro (Hard))
Pallor: 1 (For In Brain Puppet Strings (Weird))

A few other things we found out this session:
-Cassa’s symbol is not a necklace, but a journal in which she keeps excerpts, quotes, bits and pieces that display human purpose and achievement
-Ruby has a sword with two blades
-Wolfie’s pack animal is an alien-monkey-thing that can change size

*Encountering the Militia on the street has it’s own custom move:

When a Militia patrol spots you on the street, roll+Cool. On a 10+, it’s fine, they pass you by, you’re just one of the crowd. On a 7-9, they’re going to ask that you give an account of yourself. On a miss, the MC chooses one:

  • They harass you for sport
  • They beat you for sport
  • They apprehend you
  • They pursue you
  • They let you go, but insist that you leave something behind


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