[Apocalypse World] Game Time + Custom Audience Participation Move

Post Apocalypse

Tonight’s the first session of our Apocalypse World game, and I’m really excited about starting it. It’s been a rather long week for all of us, since most of the players are my coworkers and we just found out that our bookstore location is closing, leaving a lot of things uncertain in the coming month. Our game is our first mass get-together after hearing the news, and everyone has the closing on their mind, so it’s entirely possible we won’t get too much done in terms of actual play, which is okay. My goal is to get through character creation and have our first playing session next week.

I’ve also found out that we might be getting an audience (at least for tonight). At six players, we’re already full up, but I wanted to give the audience a chance to participate as well, so I wrote up an agenda and a custom move to make them a part of things.

Spectator Agenda

  • Enjoy the story
  • Make suggestions
  • Ask questions
  • Use the “Fan Mail” move


“Fan Mail” – When a character does something truly awesome, bad-ass, sexy, or heartrending, tell that player to mark experience.

Simple enough, but hopefully it will get everyone at the table involved and excited about the game.

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