[Apocalypse World] Soundtrack Sampler

Apocalypse World Soundtrack Sampler

I’ve been collecting some songs to play in the background during my upcoming Apocalypse World game. A lot of good suggestions came from a few threads on the Apocalypse World and Story Games forums (this one in particular). A couple new artists and bands I found via the threads: Zoe Keating, who plays aggressive, heart-rending cello, and 16 Horsepower, whose apocalyptic folk is littered with biblical references and anguished vocals.

As a sort of preview of the soundtrack, I’ve made a playlist on 8tracks.com with a few of my favorite songs from the mix. You can find it here: http://8tracks.com/michaelharrel/apocalypse-world-sampler

Track list:
1. “Ghosts II” (track 14) – Nine Inch Nails (03:05)
2. “Hutterite Mile” – 16 Horsepower (04:04)
3. “Escape Artist” – Zoe Keating (06:34)
4. “Goin’ Out West” – Tom Waits (03:20)
5. “Time is Running Out” (Muse Cover) – Vitamin String Quartet (03:57)
6. “Hold On for Your Love” – John Hiatt (06:22)
7. “Credits” – Allister Brimble and Nivek Ogre (02:31)
8. “Abandoned Streets” – Akira Yamaoka (04:41)

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