Arkham Horror as an RPG

Here’s something I want to do someday: Turn “Arkham Horror” into an RPG.  Here are some ideas toward that end:

  1. Keep the characters and their stats the same.  You should be able to play the Arkham Horror RPG with the characters from Arkham Horror, out of the box.  One problem with this is the special abilities, and the starting position.  They might need to be ignored or changed somehow.
  2. Keep the basic mechanics the same. D6 pools, choosing between going fast and being sneaky, Sanity/Health, all that.
  3. Keep clue tokens, but tie them to the fiction less abstractly.  “You start with three clue tokens?  Okay, so what are your three clues?”
  4. Construct the scenario via a timeline like Dogs In the Vineyard’s town generation or Apocalypse World’s countdown clocks.  Keep Doom tokens to do the counting down.  “What would happen if the Investigators didn’t show up?”
  5. Monsters and combat would work the same basic way, but of course we’d want to make room for custom monsters and interactions with people/social “combat”

Of course, for rules-lite Cthulhu it’s hard to beat Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley.   Still, I love the flow of AH, and I think it could be adapted fairly easily.

How would you play Arkham Horror as an RPG?  What would you keep?  What would you throw out?  What would you add?

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