Two New Campaigns

This week saw the start of two new RPG campaigns as I returned to Chicago. The first was another Apocalypse World campaign with my IRL group, in which we’re playing the denizens of an aquatic nightclub after a global flood. My character is the proprietor, a Maestro D’ named Grave, and the establishment is called At The Gates, built on a floating platform above a sunken city. It’s quite a departure from our previous AW game, but shows great promise.

The second campaign that started is actually the return of my old Engel campaign, played via Dogs in the Vineyard. The last time I ran Engel was in mid-2008, and it remains one of my most fondly remembered campaigns. I’ve been hesitant to bring it back, but the timing seems right and I have some ideas of where to take it that seem cool enough to make it a worthy continuation. This first session rocked, although it was mostly setting up the new ideas and was, perhaps, a bit of a pageant with the characters going from encounter to encounter. My favorite part was thrown in during play, though: the characters, taking the sewers to avoid the battle raging on the streets, hear something very large walk pass on the surface above them, rattling the walls and shaking loose the dirt from the ceiling.

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