My Current Games

I’m currently running or playing three RPG campaigns.

1. Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker.  This is being played over Skype with my friends Matt and Bekka.  We’re using as a whiteboard to keep track of notes and post pictures and maps and so forth.  This game has been going for over ten sessions.  Matt has retired one character (an Operator named Nero) and created a second (a Brainer named Vile).  Bekka’s Skinner, Shiraz, is still going strong.  The characters are part of a caravan moving between three or four towns; we actually have a fairly large campaign map that so far has been mostly for flavor (so far we’ve only left the Hard Rock Plateau once, to visit the Brandlands).  Shiraz has recently come into possession of an artifact that seems to have some kind of link to or control over the psychic maelstrom (which is a sort of universal consciousness that has been f’d up by the advent of the apocalypse.  Or something.)

2. Dogs in the Vineyard by Vincent Baker – This is also being played over Skype/Vyew.  Dogs has long been one of my favorite games.  My favorite campaign to date was running Dogs with the setting from Engel.  This time we’re playing with the setting from the book.  So far we’ve only done half of a town, the White Springs branch, in which there seems to be some trouble between the townsmen and the local mountain folk.  Dogs has always seemed pretty difficult to run online, so I photoshopped up a conflict worksheet and using it in Vyew has made things a lot easier.

3. World of Darkness: Motor City – Is a play-by-email game that’s just started here in the past couple weeks.  We’re using a heavily modified/simplified version of the World of Darkness rules (taken mostly from the Mirrors sourcebook, but also grafting in some ideas from Spirit of the Century and using an oracle (random situation generator) a la In A Wicked Age to create the set-up.  This is going to be played as a series of vignettes all set in the same city (an alternate Detroit) and timeline, with interconnected and recurring characters.  Our first story involves an incarnation of Death searching for some missing Souls, who have been captured by Sukur-Gis, an ancient evil in the form of a tree of thorns.  On a more mundane level of the story, it’s about a young man searching for his girlfriend, who is one of the souls entrapped by Sukur-Gis.  I expect that the oracles we’re using will be the subject of a post here in the near future.

I’m also part of an RPG group IRL, although with the holidays and everything of late I’ve only been able to play one game with them this month, a one-shot of Zombie Cinema set in a mall on Black Friday.  There is talk of either a Dogs campaign or Shock: Human Contact starting soon, but I don’t know if I’ll be back from vacation in time for either of those.

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