So, I guess my players don’t like dungeon crawls.

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Dungeon World is apparently not a good match for our group. It’s not that anything is wrong with the game — or, I hope, with my GMing. My players simply aren’t interested in the kind of narrative it does best. Last night we were supposed to play the second session of our game, and we ended up playing Monsterhearts instead, which is a proven fantastic match for our group. It was lots of fun. I’m kind of bummed, though — I really like Dungeon World and I liked my “let’s invade Hell!” campaign idea. I’ll just have to find an appropriate time, place, and group to play it now.

Frontier Worlds Character Portraits, Pt. 3

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Yet more playbook art from Frontier Worlds, the science fiction Apocalypse World reskin I’m going to run soon.

7. The Grotesque – Bizarre alien being. Examples: The Raxicoricofalipatorians from Doctor Who; The Protheans from Mass Effect; The Mon Calamari from Star Wars; the Predator from Predator

8. The Gunlugger – Muscle and firepower. Examples: Jayne in Firefly; Marv in Sin City; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Sigourney Weaver in almost anything

9. The Juggernaut – Mech/power-armor pilot. Examples: Chirico Cuvie from Armored Trooper Votoms; Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion; etc.

Image Sources: Concept art for Guild Wars: Factions and Gears of War 3, and art by FlyingDebris for CthulhuTech.

[Dungeon World: Into the Fire] The Characters

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Targus Fairhand, the Paladin
Look: Kind eyes, helmet, worn holy symbol, bulky body
STR+1, DEX+0, CON+2, INT-1, WIS+1, CHA+0
Alignment: Good
Race: Human
Gear: 2 dungeons rations, mallet, scale armor

Alti, the Shaman
Look: Laughing eyes, braided hair, ceremonial garb, lean body
Str -1, Dex +0, Con +1, Int +, Wis +1, Cha +2
Race: Human
Max HP: 19
Alignment: Neutral
Dungeon Rations, Adventuring Gear and Sacrificial Flint Dagger
Cured Hides
Spear and Bullets
Healing Potions
Bond: Spirits have told me to be wary of Nora, but have refused to tell me why

Nora, the Ranger
Look: Sharp eyes, hooded head, travelling clothes, wild body
Str =0, Dex +1, Con +2, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha -1
Race: Human
Max HP: 24
Alignment: Neutral
Hunter’s Bow and Spear
Adventurer’s Gear

Animal Companion: “Owl”, an Owl
Ferocity 2, Cunning 2, 0 Armor, Instinct 1
Strengths: Calm, stealthy
Cunning: Search, travel
Weakness: Stubborn


  • Unlike Alti and Nora, Targus is not a prisoner
  • Alti and Nora know each other after being arrested
  • Alti killed someone; a stranger who got in her way
  • Nora attacked a poacher who turned out to be the lord’s son. Arrow to the knee?


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Dungeon World: Into the Fire Session #1 Recap

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Dungeon World
We played a session of Dungeon World via Google Hangouts this past wednesday. It’s a mini-campaign I’m calling Into the Fire, loosely inspired by the concepts from Hell Dorado/Claustrophobia.  Here’s how it went:
The world is dying. Pieces of the world are vanishing, ceasing to
exist. There isn’t much time left. So, the Council of Wizards has
created bridge to elsewhere — a portal to another world. One team of
explorers has already been sent through the portal — but they didn’t
come back.Now the Paladin Targus Fairhand is sent through the portal, along with
two hirelings (Daron, a human burglar, and Ramak, a dwarf), along with
two conscripted prisoners, Alti (a Shaman) and Nora (a Ranger).
Targus is forthright about their mission: they are to explore the area
around the portal entrance, and attempt to discover what has delayed
the first team of explorers.

Exiting the portal on the other side, they find themselves in a dark,
swelteringly hot environment. They can hear something moving in the
dark. The dwarf, who can see in such environments, reports that they
are in a cave, likely forged from volcanic activity, and that there is
some sort of animal to moving behind some rocks to the north-west.
While Targus lights a torch, Alti makes contact with one of her
ancestor-spirits, Riga. (Riga is not summoned, but communicates
telepathically).  Riga merely shouts that Alti should “go back! leave
this place!” and begins screaming, seemingly in agony.

Targus, having lit the torch, reveals a cavern with three passages
leading north, west, and east. The rocks that form the floor, walls,
and ceiling are smooth, as though they had been melted and then
hardened again. There are some larger boulders, pieces of the ceiling
which have fallen, and behind some of these is the beast. Targus steps
around the rocks and finds a creature like a maggot the size of a St.
Bernard, with a face like a human skull and the horns of a bull, and a
scorpion’s stinger at its tail. It gives a piercing shriek as it sees
him; he attacks it with his mallet, but the blow merely bounces off
the creature’s rolls of fat, and the thing’s tail whips forward to
strike him on the neck. Nora, bow drawn, tries to sink an arrow into
into the beasts’ hide, but cannot see it past the rocks and the

Alti tries to calm Riga, but only agitates her more. The screams of
anguish fill Alti’s head, leaving her unable to act or sense anything
around her — and thus she fails to see (or alert the rest of the
party to) the second maggot-thing that creeps out of the eastern

Meantime the poison now in his veins weakens Targus, but he holds fast
against it. Nora gets her shot and pins an arrow in the beast’s hide,
but fails to see the second maggot-thing crawling up behind her.
Targus and the two hirelings attack the first beast again, and as the
dwarf and burglar stab at it, Targus cracks its skull open with his
mallet — sending a spray of black gore into the dwarf’s face.

Nora is surprised by the maggot’s sudden sting in her arm; she cries
out and drops her bow so as to attack it with her spear, but before
she can do anything the maggot wraps itself around her and begins to
crush her. The others, hearing her cry, rush to her aid; save for
Alti, who is still overwhelmed by the cries of her ancestor. She
manages to sever the telepathic link to Riga, but, seeing the
situation at hand, decides that the others can take care of it without

Targus strikes at the maggot, but in the confusion as it writhes he
hits Daron instead. Nora uses her spear for leverage to break out of
the maggot’s grasp, but has to leave it behind as she slips loose.

(To be continued)

Frontier Worlds Character Portraits, Pt 2

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Some more playbook art for Frontier Worlds, the space opera revamp of Apocalypse World I’m going to run soon.

4. The Crusader –  Holy warrior with a vision. Examples: Shepherd Book from Firefly; Eli from the Book of Eli

5. The Gearhead – Expert engineer/mechanic. Examples: Scotty from Star Trek: TOS; Geordi from Star Trek: TNG; Kaylee from Firefly; Q from James Bond; Wildcat from TaleSpin

6. The Governor –   Leader of a colony. Examples: Patience and Niska in Firefly; Laura Roslin from BSG; Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(Image sources:  Vincent Proce’s Mortal Kombat reboot concept artDead Island: Riptide concept art, Parasite Eve concept art)


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Some Playbook images for Frontier Worlds, the sci-fi Apocalypse World reskin I’m going to be running at some point in the near future.

1. The Ace – Expert pilot. Examples: Wash from Firefly; Maverick from Top Gun; Lee Adama from BSG

2. The Angel – Medic/Doctor. Examples: Doc Cottle from BSG; Dr. McCoy from Star Trek: TOS; Simon from Firefly; Dr. Crusher from Star Trek: TNG

3. The Cowboy – Bounty Hunter. Examples: Jubal Early from Firefly; Boba Fett from Star Wars; Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

(Image sources: Concept art for Disaster: Day of CrisisFront Mission 5: Scars of the War, and Far Cry 3)

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Simmering on the backburner while I get married and go on my honeymoon…

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I’ve been wanting to play an RPG via Hangouts with Josh and Stephen (my oldest and youngest brothers respectively)  for a while, so I gave them a big list of options and this is what they picked.  It’s going to be a blast!

More to come once I’m married.